About This Site

Say hello to Knob Man. Defeat him, and you’ll gain the power to shit your pants at will.

Oh look everyone, another gaming blog. Yay.

We know what you’re thinking; we’ve had those thoughts, too. Top 10 Lists, Hidden Gems, Buying Guides… there’s enough of that shit. The Gamesman’s Knob exists to facilitate our love of video games, not to farm clicks. A lone turd floating on a sea of mega-collection YouTubers and “My Tenth Guide to Spotting Chlamydia-infected N64 Carts” blogsters.

Boasting a definitive retro slant, the Knob is heavy on the satire, humor, sarcasm and creative use of obscenity. The content? A mixture of thoughtful cultural commentary, reviews, complete nonsense, a mobius strip of poop references, and even a dash of straight-talk.

We collectively seek to show our love for the culture by occasionally contributing something new to it. It’s not rocket science — which is great, because by comparison we’d make even North Korea look like they know what they’re doing.


Where to Find Us & How to Help Us

You can find us on Instagram (gamesmansknobbery) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/thegamesmansknob/). Please visit us and leave rude comments. Or if you’re lazy, you can always do that on any number of our fine articles here. Facebook is our primary contact method. Those of us helming the ship have pretty busy personal and professional lives, so it makes sense for us to keep everything flowing one spot.

Also, you’ll see this similar notice elsewhere: this is a zero-profit site. We love what we’re doing here, but we don’t want it to result in having to eat out of the garbage can. If you’re thinking to yourself “Well hell, I love garbage, they can have some of my money!” or want to contribute it in other way, there’s a page up for that.


The Contributors

There will be guest writers upon occasion, but these are the bastards you know and love.

Gamesman Anus

Writer, editor, artist, Nintendo enthusiast. His interest in gaming is based on history, art, the couch co-op experience and playing Minecraft for so long without getting up that he gets a bladder infection.

Preferred Genres: Action Platformers, Beat ‘Em Ups, Shmups, Sandbox.


Gamesman Phil

Electronics / Pinball Dude.

Preferred Genres: Pinball, Shmups.




Gamesman Put

Audio Engineer, Brewer, Drinker, Delusions of Grandeur .

Preferred Genres: Repetitive one player first person shooters, Shmups, GO Games.